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Henyo Software is a leader in building custom solutions for both large and small clients.  Our teams of consultants, analysts, and engineers ensure all of your needs are understood and met, from start to finish.  We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions and ensuring our clients' satisfaction.  

At Henyo Software, our clients are our most valuable asset.  We view our clients not as contracts or projects, but as partners in a mutual endeavor to bring to life your ideas and meet your needs.  Let us help build your next dream.

You will find our teams and services to be second to none.  We are Brilliantly Superior.  We are Henyo Software!

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Whether your building consumer applications for publishing into the major app stores, or building a custom enterprise application for use within your organization, we have a solution for you.

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API Management

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We are the API Services experts! If you're exposing internal services to the outside world through a public / protected API, or looking to improve your internal systems' connectivity, our teams can help you realize your services and API strategies.

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Our Services

Whether you just need help in getting a project jump started, in developing requirements and use cases, in architecting a solution, or in delivering a complete end to end product, we have the skills to ensure your success.

Requirements & Analysis

Use cases, user stories, business requirements, functional specs, KPIs


UX / UI, graphics, promotional materials, ad campaigns

Solution Architecture

System / component design, service layers, infrastructure, professional documentation


Standards based, latest technologies, Agile methodology

Project Management

Milestone and workstream planning, vendor alignment, full traceability

Quality Assurance

Automated testing, full regression cycles, dashboard reporting

Just Released !

Bowling Scores & Stats

Improve your bowling game with advanced scoring, analysis, and reporting.

Bowling Scores & Stats by Henyo Software offers bowlers of all levels new insights into their games.  Whether you're at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill level, Bowling Scores & Stats allows you to capture and analyze all aspects of your lane play.

Avaliable now for Android mobile devices and tablets.

Features include:

  • Multiple user support
  • Track every aspect of your game
    • Game and Series stats: strikes, spares, opens, high games, ...
    • Arsenal: define your arsenal by specifying ball details, choose a ball for each throw
    • League / Practice: define any number of leagues and seasons
    • Frame notes: enter notes during your games for later reference
    • Automated split tracking
  • Three game scoring methods
    • Pins | Frames | Final
  • Game and Frame timing
    • Automatic: track the time between frames and for overall game
    • Countdown: pace yourself during practice by specifying how long to wait between frames
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
    • Leave statistics : most frequent, best conversion, game by game
    • Chart reports: scores by game or series, averages by session or overall
  • Celebrate your achievements with your friends by sharing game results via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, and many other social channels

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